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i'm just a girl..
standing in front of
the internet..
asking it to love me


Call me Malice.

"I’m known to be quite vexing.. I’m just forewarning you."


Here you'll find my (mostly Buffy) fanfiction written under the pseudonym Prophecy Girl, my original writing, my overly opinionated and not at all professional blog, info about my streaming, and who even knows what else. Some stuff's not operational yet and will propel you into an endless loop of looking at this page. Sorry 'bout that! It'll work soon. Eventually. Probably.

If you are here for the Chronically Awesome Network, check back soon! We are down for repairs, but will be back better than ever.

If you are here for the preserved blog and heartbreaking last words of Leelah Alcorn, a spirited transgender youth who tragically took her own life, you will find it by clicking her name in the menu above. I am both proud and honored to host it here after its completely inappropriate removal from Tumblr. If you are depressed, suicidal, or just need someone to talk to, you will find lots of resources in the Leelah section as well.

If anything is broken, or you're my long lost great aunt who wants to leave me a lot of money in your will, or you have an overabundance of dinosaur photos and need someone to send them to, you can email me by clicking 'Contact' in the menu above. (But please don't email me about stuff that's broken and loops back here. That's functioning as intended for the time being!)

Peace out, riots in.
- Malice -




Help me and my family cover the every day medical expenses that my insurance doesn't, as well as the cost of running this site. EVERY little bit helps and is appreciated!