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red [buffy/faith]
After “Chosen”, what’s left of the Watcher’s Council captures Faith as part of a plan to take over the newly activated Slayers. [TW: violence, abuse (physical/sexual/emotional)]
One: Ammunition | Two: Locked | Three: Primer | Four: Doubletap | Five: Loaded
Six: Blowback | Seven: Double Feed | Eight: Recoil | Nine: Headhot | Ten: Safety

Welcome to Prophecy Girl's fic archive.

I have been writing fan-fiction for Buffy the Vampire Slayer since 1999 and fanfic/original fiction for even longer, so keep in mind while browsing that some of these fics were written when I was only 14 or 15 years old or younger, and it shows. If you are looking for my most recent works, you will find the majority of them on the "Chosen Two" page--the first link on the lefthand side.

If you would like to have my stories on your site or archive, you may link directly to whatever story or stories you wish on my site, If you would prefer to host any of my stories on your own site, please contact me first for permission and include your site's URL and let me know which story or stories interest you. Thank you!

A note on plagiarism:
Several years ago I was horribly violated by another member of fandom. Several of my fics (among them Almost Lovers and Switching Gears) were plagiarized by Eden Lee Raven and I am only one of several Buffy authors that she has stolen from. She mostly works within the Buffy/Faith (Fuffy) community and is active at Oralfxatn.

No matter how much you enjoy someone's work, it's not okay to steal it. Stealing a writer's words is like stealing their soul. My writing has always come from a very personal place, and to have it stolen is an incredibly heinous crime that has soured me on sharing my writing. I personally would rather fail as myself than succeed as a thief, but obviously not all people feel that way.